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In April 2012 Platinum Plus Stallions (PPS) was founded in 2019 in was established as a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing a safe haven where inner-city youth participate in a comprehensive program of Equine therapy and academic tutoring that promotes the physical, educational and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives.

Antelope Valley (AV), with significantly higher than average incidences of crime, truancy, teen pregnancy, obesity, and drug use, suffers from a lack of constructive activities for its youth. Visionaries saw the potential benefits of a quality after-school and summer program. To provide a safe haven for the inner-city youth of the AV, developed a program patterned after the PPS provides “Equine Therapy” (EAT) services, regularly to children and adults in the Antelope Valley (AV) and Acton on location at our ranch in Acton.



Our latest breakthrough:

PPS provides ET services, regularly to children and adults in the Antelope Valley (AV)  and Los Angeles County at our Acton Ca. Ranch. The purpose is center around mental health and ET the goal is Community Engagement. PPS’s focus is to bring awareness and to provide mental health options to  low-income communities in the AV and Acton focusing on horsemanship and overall equestrian actives.

We provide an alternative to young and old who suffer from depression, oppression and suppression. PPS teaches living the equestrian life, in part or in whole will be therapeutic to one’s life contributing to mental health and well-being.

Our PPS program will promote a sense of purpose and well-being it's designed to connect families and individuals that usually live in isolated situations. The goal is to connect individuals and Families and give them a sense of purpose as it relates to outdoor activities, horseback riding, feeding and grooming horses.

This will be a lot fun-filled afternoons with the goal of restoring in the home disconnection by increasing family interaction, supporting positive interaction with the civilian world, encouraging outdoor recreation as a therapeutic outlet and Empowering Families to advocate for positive self growth and change.
Equestrian education will be available for the whole family including question and answer sessions. All these activities will be sooner around ET awareness and its contribution to mental health and well-being.


  1. Montrel Montgomery
    Montrel Montgomery
    CEO & Founder
  2. Shantee Jackson
    Shantee Jackson
    CO Founder
  3. Yvette Bolden
    Yvette Bolden
    Chief Executive Administrator
Tony T’Roc Walls

PPS President

Cowboy Mike Jones

Youth Trainer