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Youth Academy Day Camp
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The Platinum Plus Stallions (PPS) programs has played a major role in the transformation of young people age 5 to 25 from the Antelope Valley (AV) communities with too many unproductive, unsupervised kids with too much time to get into trouble to one providing these youth with a valuable structured program.

The Platinum Plus Stallions program uses the First Serve Life Skills Curriculum to "empower young people by providing local horse training facilities and schools with a life skills program that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education through horse-riding - resulting in real life power, on and off the saddle. "
Platinum Plus Stallions (PPS)
  1. Equine Therapy
    Equine Therapy
    Equine therapy is multifaceted and beneficial to groups such as the mentally and physically disabled and those struggling with mental illnesses, addictions, or unsafe home lives. Horses react to and mirror people's behaviors and emotions, which aids in the therapeutic aspect of this type of treatment (Bates, 2002).
  2. Community Services
    Community Services
    Acton PPS’s highly trained Board of Directors represents over 96 years of collective experience in Equine Therapy and community engagement activities. Our executive director has over 30 years’ experience in breeding and working horses. 5 years ago, we started using Equine Therapy with the local neighborhood children and adults Horses react to and mirror people's behaviors and emotions, which aids in the therapeutic aspect of this type of treatment.
  3. Horseback riding and training
    Horseback riding and training
    We provide an alternative to young and old who suffer from depression, oppression and suppression. PPS teaches living the equestrian life, in part or in whole will be therapeutic to one’s life contributing to mental health and well-being. PPS adheres to the First Serve Life Skills Curriculum. In the four years since its inception, the program has gained a positive reputation for providing constructive activities that contribute to reducing crime and illicit activity, increasing academic performance, and providing life skills to ensure success in school, in the community and in life.

Antelope Valley (AV), with significantly higher than average incidences of crime, truancy, teen pregnancy, obesity, and drug use, suffers from a lack of constructive activities for its youth.

Platinum Plus Stallions Youth Academy recognize the potential benefits of a quality after-school and summer program that provides a safe haven for the inner-city youth of Los Angeles County, and developed a program patterned after  PPS that provides “Equine Therapy” (ET) services for children and adults  at our Ranch location in Acton, Ca.
Youth Empowerment
Life skills
Nutrition education
summer program
Homework assistance
safe haven for the inner-city youth
  1. Equine Therapy Services
    Equine Therapy Services
    Equine therapy (EAT) began in the 1960's and utilizes horses or ponies to react to and mirror people's behaviors and emotions.
  2. Mentoring
    To develop empowered and curious young leaders in local communities through life-changing outdoor experiences.
  3. Pool
    Children in the inner cities rarely have access to swimming pools PPS provides swimming to local community children and young adults
  4. Hiking
    To develop empowered and curious young leaders in local communities through life-changing outdoor experiences.
  5. Programs for Children
    Programs for Children
    We work with students from young poeple to help realize their potential as we develop them into role models for other young people in their communities.
  6. Special Events
    Special Events
    Plan your next special event with PPS
  7. Horse riding instructions
    Horse riding instructions
    PPS has courses on how to ride horses for students of all ages. PPS assist in instructing young children and simple aid while riding, mounting, saddling and grooming our horses.
  8. Cook Outs
    Cook Outs
    BBQs, cook-offs and cook-out,. come out and join PPS or some of the best tasting food in town. At PPS cook-off events
  9. Family Nights
    Family Nights
    Kids need a deep-rooted connection with loving adults, and playing together fosters those connections." It also lets children of any age see parents in a different—and more relaxed—light. keep family bonds strong.
  10. Mother & Daughters
    Mother & Daughters
    A day that mothers and daughters will never forget. Spending the day together and mother and daughters are encouraged to write love letters to each other.
  11. Fathers Day
    Fathers Day
    Teaches the important role that fathers play in their children's lives. This day id made special for father and their children.
  12. After School Programs
    Homework assistance through tutoring, mentoring and use of computer labs, Life skills which are integrated throughout all phases of the program Horse riding instruction where participants engage in fun physical fitness, enjoy the camaraderie of riding horses’ format with friends and peers, and learn to become responsible adolescents and adults

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Our Chief Executive Officer

Horse Trainer, Independent Consultant

Montrel Montgomery, CEO

 Highly skilled Horse Trainer extensive experience riding horses of all breeds and is strongly knowledgeable of horse behavior and training horses and riders.

  Montrel has a strong background and specialize in gaited horses  Tennessee Walking Horse, American Saddlebred and Standardbreds,  from breeding  and training gaited horses for show and pleasure riders, with over 30 yrs of experiece of riding, breaking & training, along with his 3 Brothers and Co-Founder Fiance Shantae Jackson  whom run Platinum Plus Stallions colllectively has over 90 plus years of experience within this field.

  Montrel Manage all aspects of a horse's health, prepare and groom for show and sales.

 Also responsible for developing specific training  based on individual needs
 Teaches courses in how to ride horses to students of all ages.

Monitored daily operations and upkeep of a 12-horse ranch in Acton California as well a 10 horse ranch in Compton CA.​

 Montrel realizes the importance of creating a clean environment for the horses and clients. Although riding horses can be excilerating, Montrel ensures the horses are attended to mind, body and soul.​

  Montrel also served in the United States Army from 1992 - 1995 during Desert Storm as a Consctruction Equipment Mechanic stationed in Fort Riley Ks 1St Infantry Division. After the war he notice many of his friends fellow soldiers showed signs of PTSD. Being a Vetran and understanding the stress of the war, it is Montrel's vision and goal to start another program for men and woman whom suffer from PTSD.